Cairobserver print issue #2 Launch and discussion
(This event has passed)

Jan 6, 2014 7:00pm
Organized by: Cairobserver
Venue: Megawra
Address: Al ashraf Street off Alsayeda Nafisa square - Al-Khalifa -Cairo
Event Language: Arabic

How do we circulate architectural ideas, practices, objects, technologies and debates? And why might this be an important aspect for a vibrant architectural culture to grow in Egypt? The documentation, communication and travel of ideas pertaining to issues of architectural and urban design, theory and criticism accumulate over time and have the potential to stimulate architectural practice. Circulation of architecture through various media also contributes to the building of an archive, a record, even if fragmented, which will be necessary for future generations to understand the trajectory of architectural development in their local context and to build a history of their own practice.

Cairobserver began in 2011 as a blog dedicated to urban and architectural issues in Cairo. The blog is slowly transforming into a platform for the circulation of ideas pertaining to the built environment in Egypt. In this launch event I will give a brief presentation of the project both online and in-print and open the floor for discussion around the general issue of circulating architecture and specifically on communicating architectural and
urban issues within the profession and to the general public.

Mohamed Elshahed